Online Casinos

There has been a lot of talk lately. One thing is quite interesting is that that US said it is illegal to fund online casinos through banks. Well then recently Yahoo announced they are starting a online poker room in the UK, which Yahoo is based out of US. Makes you think? It is ok for the US to not allow offshore online casinos to be played in US, but they can serve other countries. The claim on banning online casinos was based on Morals, I guess morals don’t apply to other countries? Seems like the USA is just being bullies and wanting a piece of the action, while claiming other reasons for banning.

Now if you think about the morals issues about playing at online casinos. You have to think where is the moral related to Indians casinos? Your still gambling. Or what about state lotteries? Sounds like the government just doesn’t want people doing what they can’t seem to figure out how to tax and get a piece of the action. Now if USA based casinos decide to go online, pay taxes, you can bet those moral issues will be long gone 🙂