Best Casino Games

Over the last few months Microgaming has been adding some great new online casino games to the software. The so popular deal or no deal game show everyone loves to watch, now you can play a version of this game for real at any Microgaming casino. Plus other video slots with just as much excitement, bonus rounds and free spins. Try them out and tells us what you think of these new casino games, some paying out more than 800k in jackpots. This casino shut down a couple years ago which was a big disappointment but with the gaming industry changing all the time many other casinos are equally as good.

Games recently released

Zeus Ancient Fortune – this is similar to some land-based games where when you hit on a line it drops down to keep winning until you no longer match symbols.
Reel Splitter – matching a symbol on each reel will open up another reel for a possible bonus spin.
Rockabilly Wolfs – one of my personal favorites due to having a wild multipliers on free spins, can win a possible of 6x what you winning hit is. Plus it is fun and can hit free spins often.